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Store Policies

We reserve the right to refuse the sale of any merchandise, especially firearms or ammunition.

To purchase a firearm, you must:
  • present a valid driver's license or state issued I.D.
  • pass the Federal background check.
  • be of legal age to purchase the firearm.
Forms of identification:
  • must contain correct/current home address.
  • can not be expired.

Minimum age for purchases:

  • Long guns:  18 years of age
  • Handguns:  21 years of age
  • Pistol grip shotguns*:  21 years of age
  • Lower Receivers*:  21 years of age​
*  Can not be transferred to out-of-state residents

  • Long gun ammunition:  18 years of age
  • Handgun ammunition:  21 years of age
Consignment/Used Firearms:
  • Used firearms may be purchased, traded, or taken on consignment at the discretion of the manager.  We charge a consignment fee of $50 or 20% whichever is higher (minimum charge:  $50 per item).
  • PreOwned, Used, Military and Consignment firearms are sold "As Is", and are not returnable.
  • If you would like to consign one of your firearms, please read our Consignment Agreement (effective 4/28/17).

Background Check:
In order to purchase a firearm, you must complete a Federal background check, aka Form 4473.  This form will be completed once you have selected a firearm, and are ready to make the purchase.  Once you have completed the form, we will submit a background check for you to NICS.  

We will receive one of three responses:  
Proceed: You can purchase the firearm that day.
Denied:    You may not purchase the firearm, however, we can provide you with documentation to submit an appeal.
Delayed:  We cannot transfer the firearm to you until we receive a "Proceed" from NICS.  However, according to Delaware law, once 25 days have passed, without confirmation from NICS, we can then transfer the firearm.

If you have been Denied and want to file an appeal, go to the NICS Appeals web site.  You will need your NTN number -- we can provide this to you.

Please Read:
If you are Delayed, we will require a 50% deposit to hold the firearm. 
  • Exception:  If the firearm is on Consignment (white sticker), you must pay for the firearm in-full for us to hold it for you. 
Restocking Fees:
  • A 20% re-stocking fee applies if you are denied, or do not pick-up the firearm within 30 days after the background check was submitted.
  • The re-stocking fee will not be applied towards the purchase of a different firearm.
Background checks expire 30 days after being completed.  Once a background check has expired, you must go through the process again.

Transfer of Firearms:
We are always happy to accept transfers on your behalf.  

However, if you are purchasing a firearm that is still being manufactured, please check with us first. We may have the item in stock at the store, or you may be able to purchase it from our online store.  

If you are having a firearm transferred, please keep the following fees in mind:

Person to Person Transfer:  A $20 per firearm fee is required to perform a background check (regardless of the outcome).  Both parties must be present to perform the transfer.  If the purchaser is delayed, the owner of the firearm will keep possession of the firearm.  Once the intended purchaser has received a "proceed" status, both parties must return to the store (at the same time) to complete the transfer.

Dealer to Local Dealer Transfer:  If we are receiving a firearm from: Targetmaster or Target Shooting Solutions, the fee is $35.  If we are shipping the item, to those stated above, the fee is $35 plus shipping fees (including insurance).

Dealer to Dealer Transfer:    If we are receiving a transfer for you, from another FFL, the fee is $50. If we are shipping a firearm to another dealer, the cost is $50 plus Shipping Fees (including Insurance)
  • Handguns must be shipped Overnight
  • Long guns can be shipped Ground
  • We only ship Monday thru Wednesday
  • Multiple firearms going to the same FFL holder:  $25 for each additional firearm
If you have a firearm transferred to us and you are Denied:
  • When a firearm is transferred to our store, the buyer is responsible for payment of the transfer fee.  If the transfer cannot be completed (because of a federal denial, etc), the buyer is still responsible to pay the transfer fee.  
  • It is your responsibility to let us know how you would like to handle the firearm.  Your options:
    • Send it back to where you purchased it (handling/shipping fees will apply).  You must contact the seller to discuss their return policy.
    • Put it on consignment at our store
    • Ask if we are interested in purchasing the firearm from you
  • We will not transfer the gun to a friend/relative, as that would be considered a Straw Purchase.
  • If you do not make arrangements within 6 months of the denial date, we will place the firearm for sale on a consignment basis.  The firearm will be classified as Pre-Owned/Unfired for a new gun and Pre-Owned for a used gun and priced at our manager's discretion.  Once the firearm is sold, we will deduct a 20% consignment fee and write you a check for the balance.

Military, Law Enforcement and First Responder Discount (Revised 1/23/17):

We sincerely thank our Military and First Responders for all that they do, and all that they risk for our country on a daily basis.  

As an expression of our gratitude, we offer a 5% discount on purchases* made in our store to the following:
        All Active and Retired:
             Military, National Guard and Reserve Personnel
             Law Enforcement Officers
             Fire Fighters, Paramedics and EMTs

To receive the discount, please present the appropriate identification/paperwork when you check out at the register.

The discount is:
  • For your personal use only.
  • Not valid on the purchase of Consignment firearms, Gift Cards, online purchases or with other promotions/sales.
*The above discount has always been our policy, however, the 5% discount may have been given to those who have served our country, but are not currently active or retired. Unfortunately, at this time, we must return to our original intention of providing this discount only to those who are currently active or retired.

Previously, we would offer you a 5% discount on your purchase, whether you paid cash, credit or debit.  

Due to the rising costs of doing business, we are now only able to offer the 5% discount on purchases made by CASH, DEBIT or Gift Cards.  
You can still use your credit card, however, your discount will now be 3% (instead of 5%).  

We do realize that these changes may cause hardship for some of our customers, and for that we sincerely apologize.  However, due to the rising costs, we feel we must implement these changes.

Gift Cards:
In accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s rules that went into effect on August 22, 2010, regarding the use of and fees associated with Gift Cards:  Inactivity fees may be charged only after a card has not been used for at least one year, and the fee can only be charged once per month. 

Effectively immediately, X-Ring Supply Gift Cards older than one year old, and have been inactive for a period of twelve months or longer, will be charged an inactivity fee of $10 per month, from the balance of the card.

Installation of Scope:
  • Free if the firearm and scope are purchased at our store.
  • $20 fee if the firearm or scope were not purchased at our store.

Special Orders:
  • A 50% deposit is required when placing a special order for a firearm.
  • No refunds on special orders.
  • Firearms may be put on layaway for 30 days - (Exception:  Consignment firearms may not be put on layaway)
  • A 50% deposit is required.
  • If the item is not picked up, or other arrangements made, the deposit will be forfeited after 30 days.

Placing a firearm on "HOLD":
  • If you see a pre-owned firearm on our web site, you may call the store and ask that we put it on "HOLD" for you.  We will hold the item until the end of that business day, so that you can stop in and inspect the firearm. You may then purchase the firearm, or put it on layaway for 30 days (with a 50% deposit) - (Exception: Consignment firearms may not be put on layaway)
  • If we have not heard from you by the end of the business day, the item will be put back out for sale.  If someone else had expressed an interest in the firearm, we will contact them to let them know the firearm is now available.

  • Returns are subject to a 15% restocking fee
Items Not Returnable:
  • Firearms
  • Leather Products
  • Sale and Clearance items are not returnable

Returned Check Fee: 
  • A $20 fee will be incurred when a bank returns a check to us due to non-payment.

Requests for Copies:
  • Receipt and serial number requests incur a $35 processing fee, payable in advance.

Firearms returned for "jamming" or "feeding" problem caused by:
  • Improperly cleaning and oiling prior to shooting
  • Ammunition induced malfunction
  • Improperly holding the firearm
  • Magazine related malfunctions
...will incur a minimum fee of $25 (plus the cost of ammunition) for the test firing of a firearm.