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New Firearms Received this Week:

AERO Precision M5 Stripped Lower $219
AERO Precision X15 Stripped Lower  $119
Glock 43 9MM  $499 (2 Available)
IWI Jericho 941 9MM $539
Palmetto State Arm PA-15 5.56 $649
Ruger American .308 $399
Ruger SP101 .357MAG     $579
Ruger GP100  .357MAG  $619
SCCY CPX-1 9MM  $299
Walther PPQ 9MM $649

Updated 6/30/15

PPU 7.62x39 


Ommelanden Safe!

$11.95 Per Box
Now In Stock
(Limited Quantities)

Horndady 35 Rem 200gr FTX​

$32.95/20Rds (Limit 1 per person)

Remington 22 Win Mag 33Gr AccuTip-V



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Saturday, July 4th 

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Sunday, July 5th

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In-Stock Firearms:

17 Gen 4
19 Gen 4 w/nite sites
21 Gen 4
23 Gen 4
41 Gen 4   

(If we don't have it in stock,
we can order it)

Updated:  6/18/15


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Purchasing a
Firearm for Someone
Who Can't Legally Own one?

Don't Do It!

Don't Lie for the Other Guy

Find out the penalties
for making a
Straw Purchase
Gunsmith & Knife Sharpening

Now Available

Gunsmith Services Now Available

Monday & Wednesday

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Now In Stock
Blade-Tech Klipt Hoster
Fits Glock 43

IWB Right Handed
Positive Retention
High Guard for Comfortable Carry
Pefect for Your
Holiday Party

Make Ice Cubes for Your Cocktails
(Food and Dishwasher Safe)


Zombie Gun Cases
38" Case Was $29.95  Now:  $19.95
43" Case Was $29.95  Now:  $19.95

Manufacturer Model Caliber/Gauge Price Added
Astra/ EAA A-100 .40S&W $399
Beretta 96D .40S&W $350
Beretta (New Price) 96D .40S&W $350
Beretta (New Price) 1923 9MM Glisenti $495
Calico Liberty I 9MM $1,295
Calico Liberty 100 9MM $795 6 days ago
Colt Sporter Target Model .223 $1,200 6 days ago
Colt (New Price) 1911-A1 Govt Model .45ACP $1,250
Dan Wesson 15-4 .357Mag $469
Dan Wesson 15-6 .357Mag $499
Echasa Eibar GZ-MAB .25ACP $250
FN 1900 .32ACP $395
Glock 27 Gen 4 .40S&W $450
Glock 19 9MM $425 Today
H&K P2000SK .40S&W $549
H&K P2000 9MM $599
H&K P2000SK .40S&W $695
H&R (New Price) Self Loading .32ACP $350
Henry Acu-Bolt .17HMR $250
HISAR/ CAI SPA300 12GA $295 5 days ago
Hungarian Arms Works/ Interarms R-9 9MM $399
Hunter Arms The Fulton 20GA $1,550
Izhmash/ CAI M91/30 7.62x54R $195
Izhmash/ CAI 91/30 7.62x54R $295
J.C. Higgins 88 .22LR $200 5 days ago