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Fall/Winter Hours
Now In Effect:

We Are Now Open on Sundays

From 11-5

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Remington Brass

2,000 New Unprimed Shells

Calibers Available:
.38SPL,  .40S&W,  .223


 $200 per case
(Clearance Price)



Sunday, October 2nd from 10-6
$235 Plus $30 Range Fee
Pre-Registration required to attend


NRA Home Firearm Safety Course
Date:  Sunday, October 9th
Time: 12-4 
Cost:  $75

You will learn:
-  Rules for Safe Gun Handling
-  Identifying and Unloading Different Firearms
-  Practical Exercises in
Safe Gun Handling
-  Types of Ammunition; Cleaning
and Storage of Firearms


 Topics will include:
- Mental Preparedness
- Security for Home, Travel, Auto, Cyber, etc
- Personal Defense Devices
- Psychology of Criminals
Our next class is
Sunday, October 23rd, 12-4PM
Cost is $35

Pre-Registration is required

New Firearms:

Bushmaster XM15-E2S
Complete Lower Recvr
CZ Scorpion EVO 3S1 9MM
DDI 47U 7.62x39
DPMS/Panther Arms A15 .223/5.56
DPMS/Panther Arms
LR-308 .308
Kel Tec P-32 .32ACP
KelTec PMR30 .22MAG
NAA Mini Revolver .22LR
Radical Firearms RF-15 5.56
Remington 870 12GA
Ruger 9E 9MM
S&W SW22 Victory .22LR
SAM Inc/ATI Titan .45ACP
Savage 220 20GA
SigSauer SP2022 9MM
Taurus 85 Ultra-Lite .38SPL
Walther PPS 9MM
Updated:  9/15/16

Antique Firearm & Sword Appraisals

Stop by Saturday,
September 17th
from 10-2

Free appraisals are available for: 

Antique Pistols, Revolvers, Rifles, 
Shotguns, Muskets and Swords

(Limit:  2 appraisals per person/day)

Larger collections can be appraised,
for a fee, at a pre-arranged date


Anonymously report crimes that are
happening in your community that
involve firearms, explosives, violent
crime, or arson.

Download the app, in case you ever need it.

Are You Considering
Purchasing a
Firearm for Someone
Who Can't Legally Own one?

Don't Do It!

Don't Lie for the Other Guy

Find out the penalties
for making a
Straw Purchase

Click on picture above for
details on the Blue Label Program​

In-Stock Firearms:

Glock 19 Gen 4  (9MM)  $433
Glock 23  (.40S&W)  $433
Glock 23 Gen 4  (.40S&W)  $433
Glock 26 Gen 4  (9MM)  $433
Glock  42  (.380Auto)  $348
Glock 43  (9MM)  $389

Receive Glock Swag
With Every Purchase

(while supplies last)

Updated:  8/5/16


Manufacturer Model Caliber/Gauge Price Added
API/ Citadel M1911-A1FS 9MM $495 3 days ago
API/ Citadel M1911-A1FS .45ACP $495 3 days ago
API/ Rock Island Armory M1911 A2 FS-MM 9MM $499
Armi Sport 1859 .58Cal $995
B.S.A Martini .219Zipper $895
Boito/ SS Kresge O/U 12GA $299
Boyd's Pro Varmint $150
Browning 1911/22 .22LR $400 6 days ago
Browning (New Price) 1910/55 .380ACP $645
Colt M4 Carbine 5.56 $995 3 days ago
Colt (New Price) MKIV Series 80 Mustang .380ACP $450
Colt (New Price) 1903 Pocket .32ACP $450 6 days ago
CZ/ CZ USA CZ712 12GA $399
FN 1900 .380ACP $350
H&K HK45 .45ACP $850
HS Products/ Springfield Armory XD-40 .40S&W $350 6 days ago
Husqvarna/ FFV Sports Inc (New Price) Crown Monte Carlo 7MM Rem Mag $475
I.A.C./ S.D.Z. (New Price) 99 20GA $195
Imbel/ CAI R1A1 Sporter .308 $850
Inland/ Exel M1 Carbine .30Cal $650 4 days ago
Iver Johnson & Cycle Works Trigger Ring 12GA $195
Izhmash/ CAI M91/30 7.62x54R $250 3 days ago
J.C. Higgins 20 12GA $250
Kel Tec CNC Inc Sub-2000 .40S&W $499 6 days ago
Marlin 880SS .22LR $175